Video CDN Service

≈ 10€/TB

We have built a network of servers around the world to serve your videos at fast speed from the nearest location to your users.

Our Video CDN service consists in fetching the video content from your origin storage service (whether you currently use a single server to stream your videos or you use a big network like Amazon or Google) and serving them to your visitors from our global network. We fetch them once the first request is made and subsequently only after the content has not been requested for long time from your users.

This, for example, means that while you now serve let’s say 100TB from your Amazon S3 storage, you will now only serve around 15-20TB* of that to us and we will serve the 100TB to your users.

Thus instead of paying $8.000 to Amazon (approximately $0.08/GB x 100TB) you will now save approximately $6K+ as only 20%* of that traffic will be served from Amazon to us. While the traffic out to your visitors will be sent from our servers and will cost you only €1K .

A huge ±$5.000 savings for your business’ pocket 😉

See how our CDN would work with your Amazon S3 hosted videos:

In a similar way it would work if you had all your videos in only one server with an IP address to access them or hosted under any domain…

You can also secure the videos with a signKey at the end of the URLs.

Contact us and we will explain you how.

*The calculation is based on our average clients’ performance. The more frequently your visitors access your videos, the better these numbers will be. So the traffic generated to the origin could be further down to a 10% or 5% eventually.


CDN / Live
Usage based
€1¢/GB for traffic usage
Ideal for existing websites
Ideal for Amazon S3 Users
HLS from MP4s on the Fly
Optional Monetization