How our Amazon S3 CDN service works?

When you upload your files on any Amazon bucket you get a URL address to point to them. All you need to do is to login to our dashboard, create an “Amazon S3 CDN” and replace the amazon address in your links with ours.

Streaming your S3 videos through SpareVideos CDN is just as simple as it sounds.

Let’s give an example. Imagine you uploaded an MP4 file into your bucket called “videos-hd” with name “your-video.mp4”. To stream it to your visitors you will need to add the following link into your player configuration.

Now, all you need to do will be to replace “” with a SpareVideos address that will be given when you create the CDN in our dashboard, after you log in.

The new link that you will need to use to play your video online will be something like: