If you already have a website or app and serve videos we have the CDN or API solution for you but if you don’t we can help you build your own video platform in days. We can also monetise your video content with ads.

10Gbps Servers Network

Our servers distribute your content at incredibly high speeds. With 10Gbps ports connected to the internet your users will get an excellent experience watching your content.


Broadcast Live on the click of a button. Paste the 1-line Javascript code into your website code and let your visitors watch your Live stream instantly (we can set this up for you).

Video CDN

Replace your current Amazon S3/Cloudfront links or any other storage URLs with ours in 2 clicks. That's all you need in order to reduce your streaming costs by up to 80%.

Dashboard Uploads

Use the dashboard user interface to simply upload videos from your DropBox or Drag 'n Drop from your device. Copy a line of code and paste it in your website. Done.

Our services

Choose the perfect plan

We have plans that start at only 70€ per month for small business needs and get to as low as 1cent/GB in our Pay as you Go Plans for both our Hosted videos solution and Live/CDN streaming.

1TB traffic out
Conversion cost waived
Storage cost waived
Unlimited video views
Optional Monetization
10TB traffic out
Conversion cost waived
Storage cost waived
Unlimited video views
Optional Monetization

CDN / Live
Usage based
€1¢/GB for traffic usage
Ideal for existing websites
Ideal for Amazon S3 Users
HLS from MP4s on the Fly
Optional Monetization

Visit our Pricing page for more details

How it Works

First, we made it technically simple. We have combined encoding, global delivery, and player into one package. While we’re happy to split them apart for customers that have a preference, we anticipate that most just want video streaming to work as a rational, seamless package. So you shoot a video, upload it to an API endpoint, and within seconds we make it available globally to adaptively stream via an embeddable link we provide. Our goal was the ease of YouTube with the power and control you used to previously only get from bespoke solutions.

Second, we have aligned the business model with the objectives of video streaming customers. That means simplified pricing end-to-end. We charge for what you use on a pay as you go basis. This approach aligns our interests with our customers’.

Streaming video shouldn’t be hard. However, integrating services for encoding, delivery and player customization can be time consuming and complicated.

SpareVideos makes integrating high-quality streaming video into a web or mobile application easy. Using a single, integrated workflow through a robust API or drag and drop UI, application owners can focus on creating the best video experience.

At any given video quality, we want to be the low cost provider — but with incentives to continue to invest in our platform to make it faster, more efficient, and less expensive. And, more than that, we want to open the market.

Did we forget something? Oh… We have created a simple yet robust RESTFul API that you can use if you are a programmer. Integrate our service into your web platform in a few steps. Upload your original video to us and get an identification code back. We will convert and store the original video and the converted formats for you. Use that code to check when the video is ready and inject the links that our API returns to you into your player or use our Embed JS to easily display the video through our web player without any further configuration. Learn more…

WP Plugin

Do you have WP? Search for SpareVideos plugin in WP directory and install it. All you need is to generate an API Key pair from us and update the settings. Then you can embed videos directly in your articles. Upload videos without leaving your WP dashboard. Give access to other level of users to use the plugin if you want to. Use it for your blog or to allow people to upload videos and create a community like YouTube or Netflix with an appropriate theme.

Frequently asked questions

A Video CDN is a network of servers that fetches a video and serves it to the final user. So let’s say you have a video at your server with IP

You now access it through

What is you have 100 thousand users at the same time though? Is your server ready to support all that traffic? If not, then you need our CDN.

We will give you a URL that will replace your with something like

So then your visitors will watch the videos in your player with the link

We have 3 services. The Hosted service with API (All-in-One API solution as we prefer to call it) and the CDN/Live. 

In the case of a Live video nobody hosts the video. We stream what you broadcast. The CDN service on the other hand distributes videos that YOU host in your servers. It could be on a single server or even on an Amazon S3 bucket.

Our Hosted service though involved all the process of video distribution. From the upload to the display. That includes the storage and the conversion of the videos. So we store your original video (the one you upload let’s say in .mov format) and all the formats we convert it to (for example 3 MP4 videos of different qualities and 1 WEBM videos for cross browser compatibility).

When a visitor enters your site for first time and watches a video through our CDN URL we ask that video from your origin server (where you have hosted the video). Then any new request from any subsequent visitor will be served from the local temporary copy we saved. 

Imagine you have 100 thousand visitors. The origin server will only be requested by our CDN a few hundred times and it will be our servers that will give the video to all those 100K people.

Yes. All our plans are pay as you go with minimum monthly charge at 70€ for 1TB of traffic (enough for approximately 30 thousand video views of 30MB). You can request to cancel at ANY time. Just let us know.

We can put our ads in your content if you want. An example from our experience: 

You have 200 thousand unique visitors per month, visiting 1 million times your website and watching 3 million videos of an average 30MB, 15Minutes each (85TB of video traffic).

Your cost would be approximately 2.500€ with us including traffic, storage and conversion of uploaded videos.

The ads on your videos could make between 2 and 10 euros per 1.000 video views, depending on the country of the viewers (USA, Canada, Germany, UK pay a lot more than Greece, Portugal, Romania etc).

Thus, you could probably make between 6.000€ and 30.000€ euros, leaving you a net profit of 3.500€ to 27.500€, depending on the country of your visitors.

We would like to help you with any questions you may have. Just let us know. Contact Us

Our clients say

Working as a blogger for a prestigious e-magazine, I found out about SpareVideos video monetisation solution. The guys are very friendly and the setup with my wordpress dashboard was just a piece of cake. All I needed to do was to upload my videos and add a short line of code where the video should appear in my article.
Piedro, Madrid
Video on Demand
We used to stream 100s of TB of video content per month to our students through the Amazon Cloudfront service. Using SpareVideos we have as efficient streaming as we previously had but we only pay one third of the previous bill.
Melissa, London
Amazon S3 CDN Solution
I have been a relatively new programmer and wanted to start my own Video Platform like Youtube. I realised I had to install software to convert the videos, make backups and then pay a fortune to streaming CDN providers. I discovered SpareVideos API and their amazing pricing and that was probably the luckiest day I ever had.
Cristiano, Lisbon
Simple, efficient API
All our solutions are tailored to your needs. Let's discuss them today and find the most efficient for you and your clients. Free technical support pre and post implementation. And remember: 30 day risk free trial (ToS). If you don't like us we will not charge you.
30 day risk free
No charge if you leave us

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