Our Services

We have the right solution for you, whether you want to upload and stream new content, live video or need a CDN to stream your existing Amazon S3 videos

Dashboard Uploads

Use the dashboard user interface to simply upload videos from your DropBox or Drag 'n Drop from your device. Copy a line of code and paste it in your website. Done.

Live Streaming

Create a Live Stream on the click of a button. Paste the 1-line Javascript code into your website code and let your visitors watch your Live stream instantly (contact us to set this up for you).

Video CDN

Generate a CDN link and replace your current Amazon S3/Cloudfront or any storage URL with the link we give you. That's all you need in order to reduce your streaming costs by up to 80%.

Advanced Features

Did we forget something? Oh... We have created a simple yet robust RESTFul API that you can use if you are a programmer. Integrate our service into your web platform in a few steps. Upload your original video to us and get an identification code back. We will convert and store the original video and the converted formats for you. Use that code to check when the video is ready and inject the links that our API returns to you into your player or use our Embed JS to easily display the video through our web player without any further configuration.

Use Case Examples

Use our services for literally any video streaming need
TV Broadcast
Stream your program online in real time
Add video into your articles and monetize them for higher revenue
Promote e-learning with video content to your students

Customer Sattifsaction

We give a 30 day risk free trial. If you don't like our service you do not pay what you have consumed.

Amazon S3 CDN

Knowledge Base

  • Protect Streams with signKey

    Here is how you can protect your video content from hotlinking. This will make your links expire within the timeframe you define. So even if someone steals your links and place them in his website they will not work anymore after the minutes you have defined in your signature. You need to activate signKey protection […]

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    HLS/DASH Live Streaming

    SpareVideos can help you broadcast “nearly” Live on the click of a button. The term “nearly” is used because we do not currently support the RTMP protocol, but chunked through HTTP, serving with HLS and DASH technologies (we prefer HLS). What that means is that you broadcast and your video gets joined in small chunks […]

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  • HLS from MP4s on the fly

    With the SpareVideos CDN service you do not need to convert your files to HLS formats, pay additional costs for those conversions and permanent storage… Just add /playlist.m3u8 at the end of your MP4 location and you are done. The video will be served through your player in HLS chunks as if you had it converted […]

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    Getting started with the API

    An API should be designed to make your life as a programmer easy. So we tried to make it keep a simple messaging logic requesting or returning just what is needed. RESTful Our API is a RESTful robust, yet simple to implement and use, set of tools to allow you upload, retrieve, update or delete […]

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  • Embedding Videos Easy

    SpareVideos makes it incredibly easy to embed a video into you site. Let’s suppose you have selected our dashboard’s upload form to upload a video from your DropBox account. When the video is ready click on the information button near the video thumbnail and grab the javascript code from the popup window that opens. <script […]

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    How our Amazon S3 CDN service works?

    When you upload your files on any Amazon bucket you get a URL address to point to them. All you need to do is to login to our dashboard, create an “Amazon S3 CDN” and replace the amazon address in your links with ours. Streaming your S3 videos through SpareVideos CDN is just as simple […]

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